(Hypothetical) DreamWorks Comics Wiki

the moon fisher is william hunt

Kid fishing's apparence[]

the first apparence of the fishing kid on the moon was in "the peacemaker" in 1997 in this film the kid is normal and he fine in the beginning.

and the second apparence was in "Amistad".

Kid sunglass[]

A kid was a sunglass, okay?

Logos present[]

the first logo of DreamWorks from the peacemaker present this : It starts out at night with a moon in a reflection of water, then we see a bobber and fishing reel. The camera angle then goes upwards to see a boy, sitting on a smiling moon . Suddenly, a D appears in the moon with the scrolling of the letters. After the letters are scrolled, we see the dreamworks text with skg with lines on the left and right of it respectively, on the bottom of the text, and the text is set by the dark of night with clouds to accompany it.

Second logo is : We see the same kid that was fishing holding balloons, expect it's in the daytime. The balloons lift the kid up to his usual spot on the moon. The kid releases the balloons and when they lift up high enough, they pop into 

the multicolored letters spelling dreamworks

last logo : On a black background, we see a full moon.

The moon then spins to right to reveal the boy sitting on the moon. The boy then grabs the fishing rod from his pocket. 

He then swings the rod  around the clouds.

The words dreamworks zoom out in violet and spread one-by-one below the moon, then finally we see on a violet line animation skg

The end result looks like an enhanced version of the original DreamWorks logo.

Friends and Ennemies[]

Ses amis de l'enfant Est la lune, Jack Frost et Sherman et CE Ennemis Barry B et Les Pingouins de Madagascar.

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